Artist & Manager

Needlepainting, application and assemblage are the techniques of the artist Ingrid Cayetano. The realism captured in fabric with needle and thread is truly a treasure.  Whether the subject is objectively cultural or subjectively emotional, she invariably manages to stitch life into an otherwise lifeless, mundane scrap of cloth.  She has drawn inspiration from the Garifuna experience and also created her own designs and refines different art motifs in her art.

Her creations are inspired and linked to the artist’s surroundings like mother and child scenes, portraits - especially extraordinary women, presentation of cultural and historic subjects like dances and rituals. Since 1978 she has been doing performances and exhibitions in Germany, Europe and abroad.

Besides being an artist, Ingrid Cayetano is the coordinator, manager, mother of three and also a member of the family band “The Cayetanos”. Along with her son Ibo she wrote the children book stories “We are free” and “Wanaragua” which were illustrated by her daughter Malí. Under her brand 'Ms Ingrid' she offers various homemade food products.

Short vitae

Ingrid Cayetano, nee Reuter, 1956 in Ahrweiler, Germany

  • 1976-80 Studies Liberal Art, School of Applied Science for Art & Design, Cologne, Germany with Stefan Wewerka and Prof. Daniel Spoerri
  • 1981- 1990 residency in Dangriga, Belize
  • 1990 -2009 residency in Ahrweiler, Germany
  • 2009 residency in Dangriga, Belize


Memberships: Künstlerbund Rheinland, Bildkunst